Crispy Mushroom Dippers £5.95

Chicken Goujons £5.95

Soup of the Day with a brown/white roll £5.80

Prawn Cocktail £6.50

Cod balls £5.95

Breaded mozzarella sticks £5.95


Welcome to the John Bunyan’s pizza menu. We now do 12 inch stone baked thin crust pizzas. 100% natural ingredients, Italian mozzarella and no added sugar.






Hot Snacks

Soup of the day with brown or white roll £5.80

Jumbo pork Sausage:

Succulent sausage in a brown or white roll £5.95

Chicken breast Burger: £7.60with coleslaw £8.00 Chicken breast Burger & chips: £9.00

 with chips and coleslaw:£9.50

Beef Burger: £7.60 with cheese: £8.00

 Burger & chips: £8.50 With cheese £9.50

Hot Panini:

With home cooked ham, cheese and tomato £6.95

Toasted Sandwich:

Cheese, home cooked ham and onion £5.95

Served on brown or white bread

Ham and Fried Egg Sandwich: £5.95

Home cooked ham and a fried egg

Served on brown or white bread

Fried egg sandwich £5.50

Chilli Chips: £6.50with cheese £7.50

Cheesy Chips: £3.95

Chips covered in melted cheese

Filled Jacket Potatoes:

Served with a choice of one of the following

Plain with butter £5.50

Cheese £6.90

Baked Beans £6.90

Coleslaw £6.90

Tuna, mayo and sweetcorn £7.50

Chilli – homemade hot and spicy £8.10

Prawns and seafood sauce £8.10

Extra toppings £1.50 prawns or chilli £3.90

Cold Snacks

Plain Sandwiches: £3.90

chicken, home cooked ham, cheese or egg

Mixed sandwiches:

Prawn on lettuce with seafood sauce £6.50

Home cooked ham tomato, onion & grated cheese £5.50

Chicken on lettuce with coleslaw £5.50

Tuna mixed with sweetcorn, mayo and cucumber £5.50

Mixed salad with mayonnaise £4.95

All served on brown or white bread with a salad garnish


Fish Dishes:

Breaded wholetail scampi £10.50

Breaded plaice fillet £9.95

Battered cod fillet £9.95

Meat Dishes:

Home cooked ham and two eggs £10.50

Breaded chicken fillets £10.50

Curry of the day £11.50

Jumbo sausage and two eggs £9.95

Vegetarian Dishes

Macaroni cheese £10.50

Vegetable burger £9.50

vegan meals available

All the above are served with a salad garnish and a choice of French Fries, jacket potato, Mash potato, rice, salad or garlic bread

Please see the Specials Board for more main meal options


Roast beef, chicken, home cooked ham or tuna £8.50

Prawn £9.95


Cheddar £6.95

Stilton or home cooked ham £7.95

Side Orders

French fries, salad, garlic bread £2.50

Onion rings £2.10

Brown or white roll £1.90


Please see the dessert board

We cannot guarantee that fish products on this menu do not contain bones or that dishes on this menu do not contain nuts or nut derivatives. Please speak to a member of our team about any allergies you may have.